Manifesto 2019

A personal message from Council Leader Jonathan Lester 

Dear Resident, 

Over the past four years the Conservatives have delivered for Herefordshire. Under our leadership Herefordshire Council has continued to invest in Herefordshire and maintain its key services. At the same time we have successfully made the huge savings that were required. We have an excellent track record of delivering on our pledges ans we have taken all of the tough decisions necessary.  We have improved the way services have been delivered and addressed all of the challenges that have come our way. This has been an incredible achievement and I am very proud of what has been accomplished. 

So much has been secured. We have managed the council finances at a time when there have been the greatest cuts in local government history. As a result the council has emerged with balanced budgets, found more efficient ways to provide services, and been able to provide resources to invest in the economy. The Conservatives have led the way in how to transform services and get the best value for money. This has not been easy, and there is much still to do, but it is only by being responsible with limited resources that we have continued to deliver on our promises. 

We remain committed to protecting the most vulnerable. At the same time we have created the opportunities that will invest in Herefordshire's future and build firmly on the successes that have already been achieved. With your help we can continue to support those most in need, maintain and invest in our infrastructure, sustain and promote vibrant communities, and continue to grow our economy, so that we can provide prosperity and wellbeing for all. 

It is only the Conservatives who have a clear vision for Herefordshire. We have consistently made the right decisions. Our Manifesto is both evidence of what progress has been mafe and a commitment to build on what has been achieved so that we will still succeed with our continued plan of action. I welcome your support so that together we can do what is right for Herefordshire. 

Jonathan Lester
Leader, Herefordshire Council 

Please see the link below for the Herefordshire Conservative Manifesto for the elections on Thursday 2nd May. 

This document is intended to be online only please do not print or distribute this manifesto without the express permission of the Hereford & South Herefordshire Conservative Election Agent. 


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