Jesse Norman re-adopted as our Parliamentary candidate

At a special General Meeting following the announcement of a General Election on Thursday 8th June 2017, Jesse Norman was unanimously re-adopted as our parliamentary candidate.

Jesse has represented Hereford & South Herefordshire in the House of Commons since 2010. 

At the meeting Jesse thanked members for placing their trust in him once again. Writing after the event he said:

"Theresa May is rightly seeking a mandate of her own for strong leadership at this election. Amongst the party leaders, she in particular is getting huge support from across the political spectrum. An increased majority would give her a much stronger hand when it comes to negotiating with our friends in continental Europe, and in resisting calls for a second referendum in Scotland.

"But my first goal has always been to revitalise our local economy - to build a Herefordshire which combines high economic growth with a celebration of our natural heritage and farming economy, from the Golden Valley down to Ross-on-Wye.  I hope you will agree that the past seven years have been ones of real progress towards that goal.

"Back in 2010 Herefordshire did not have the Old Market shopping centre on Edgar Street, the new cattle market off the Roman Road, or its booming Enterprise Zone at Rotherwas. There was no fast broadband anywhere in the county.  The idea of a new university was just a pipe-dream, not a project of national importance backed by significant Government support.

"Now we have all those things, in place or in prospect. We have been an effective force fighting for the county's interests, by working together at every level, from the Council to Parliament. 

"It has been my huge honour to be your MP - I feel the privilege of it every day, and I always will - and my team and I are ready to get campaigning.  But I need your help, to win and to continue what we have begun.

"As in 2010 and 2015, I will be running a highly local, highly positive campaign. As you will know, negative campaigning is not my style.  

"Two years ago we achieved a great result in Hereford & South Herefordshire. But now we need to do it once again. Now, as then, we will take to the streets, stuff envelopes, hold fundraisers and do much more to ensure that our progress does not falter. There is still a vast amount to be achieved for our county, and for our country.

"But whatever you can do, from door-knocking and leafleting to putting up a poster or making the case with your friends over a cup of coffee, can make a real difference.  Please join me in this election campaign - email me via, and together we can make it happen.