Anthea McIntyre

MEP for the West Midlands
Anthea McIntyre has been the Member of the European Parliament for the West Midlands since 2011. 

Anthea is far from your average MEP. With a formidable background in business and an impressive track record in community and voluntary work, she's also highly experienced in politics. A champion of pragmatic conservatism, Anthea has been a lifelong member of the Conservative Party.

Anthea took her seat in the European Parliament in December 2011 and was appointed as the Conservative Employment spokesman in January 2012. She currently serves on the Agriculture Committee also.

Anthea is active in her local community and is a former County Secretary of the Federation of Small Businesses.

Anthea lives with her husband, Frank Myers, in Herefordshire where she is also a partner in the family’s agricultural small-holding.