Paul Newman

Councillor for Kerne Bridge Ward
Paul Newman OBE is the councillor for Kerne Bridge Ward. He says, "I’m passionate about rural parish affairs and keen to represent the views of local people and campaign on their behalf.

"I look forward to working for the interest of local businesses, families and the rural community, believing that the countryside should be preserved not just as a wonderful environment to value and protect, but also as thriving, living and working community.

"My mission is to be a champion of the people in our area. Please contact me with any concerns you may have."

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    Brian Wilcox

    Councillor for College Ward, Chairman of the Council
    I have lived and worked in Aylestone and Tupsley for over 30 years. I’m a married man with two grown-up children, both of whom were brought up in the City. I’m a part-time tutor at Herefordshire College of Technology and a Trustee on the Management Board of the Herefordshire Association for the Blind.

    David Harlow

    Councillor for Birch Ward
    ​​​​​​​I live in Llanrothal, with my wife and two teenage daughters. Over the last fifteen years I started, grew and sold two businesses. I’m currently helping local youngsters through the Young Enterprise scheme and would like to give more back to the community.

    Clive Butler

    Councillor for Bobblestock Ward
    I originally moved to Herefordshire in 1986 to run my own poultry business with my wife and two young children who I wanted to bring up in a safe, stable and friendly environment. 25 years on, I have never once regretted that decision. We first settled in Weobley and it was through my children that I first became involved in village life.

    Philip Price

    Councillor for Golden Valley North
    Philip Price is the Conservative County councillor for Golden Valley North ward.

    Stuart Anderson

    Councillor for Kings Acre Ward
    Stuart Anderson is the Conservative councillor for Kings Acre ward, following the by-election in October 2017.

    Elissa Swinglehurst

    Councillor for Llangarron Ward
    I have been a Parish Councillor for Welsh Newton and Llanrothal for over eight years. During that time the Parish Council has taken a very active role in managing footpaths, taking on minor road repairs, considering planning, and working with the local authority to secure road and drainage works.

    Harry Bramer

    Councillor for Penyard Ward
    I have served as the councillor for Penyard for nearly twelve years – eight of which have been in the council’s Cabinet. I welcome the opportunity to continue to serve the community for a further four years, in what will be the most difficult times, both politically and financially, that Herefordshire Council has ever known.

    Paul Rone

    Councillor for Red Hill Ward
    I live in Red Hill and have represented this area of Hereford for the last four years. It’s a bit of a special place, and therefore deserves to be heard in the decision making rooms of our town hall. I know every street, road, avenue and lane - and intend to meet the people who live, work and play there.

    Phil Cutter

    Councillor for Ross East Ward
    Phil and his wife Christine have lived in Ross-on-Wye for 36 years and have three grown up sons. He has served on Ross Town Council since 1978 – 32 years non-stop and has been a Herefordshire Councillor for the last four. He has been mayor of Ross three times.

    Jenny Hyde

    Councillor for Ross North Ward
    Jenny Hyde is the Conservative councillor for Ross North ward on Herefordshire Council.