About us

Hereford & South Herefordshire Conservative Association is a vibrant and growing organisation that brings together people of all ages, varied backgrounds and with different experiences and viewpoints. We all share on common goal – a commitment to making Herefordshire even better. We need your help to achieve our aim.

The Association is run wholly by local volunteers with a minimal level of professional support. Our running costs are under ten percent of annual income. The rest we put to work on our core objectives here in Herefordshire. We know that hard work brings success and we will continue to strive to deliver for the county and all of its communities. If you’d like to help us or join us, you will be sure of a warm welcome

We have elected representatives serving at all levels: Parish and Town/City Councils; Herefordshire Council; in Westminster and in Brussels. Jesse Norman and our Conservative Councillors are working hard to secure a stronger future for Herefordshire.

Anthea McIntyre our former MEP, Lives near Ross-on-Wye and is still very active in the Association and the Party as well as her local community. She has for many years run the Conservative Business Forum and engages regularly with local business leaders.

Jesse has been a strong voice for our county in Westminster, addressing the scandalous underfunding that Herefordshire has received from national government. You can read Jesse’s Parliamentary Report here.

Our councillors have had to make difficult decisions in a tough economic climate. However, they continue to oversee exciting new projects that will make Hereford an even better place to live and work. Their hard work and determination has resulted in superfast broadband coming to Hereford, stronger flood defences being erected and a thriving new Livestock Market opening to the west of the City. Despite intense political opposition, our councillors were fundamental in delivering the Old Market retail development on Edgar Street. Hereford is reaping the rewards, and the city has been catapulted into the top 100 retail destinations in the UK, bringing much needed new business. A commitment to more housing and the development of a new University will drive Hereford further forward.

If you are passionate about Herefordshire and would like to be at the heart of the decision making process, let us know. We are currently looking for new candidates to run for the council.