Get involved

We need you!

The South Herefordshire Conservative team is made up almost entirely of volunteers.

Our election campaigns, social events, management and offices are largely run through committed and diligent volunteers, who give up their spare time to work for a better Herefordshire.

Different people have different skills and the idea is that people help in whatever way fits best with their interests and lifestyle – be that by volunteering on Election Day or standing as a Conservative councillor in a local ward.

What benefits do you get as a member?


The Conservatives Association hosts a range of social events, and has several branches with their own committees and management, giving members a chance to become involved at an even more local level.

Voting Rights

As a member, you have a strong voice on party matters. You will receive a vote in:

- the election of Conservative candidates for Parliamentary, local government and European elections
- any elections for the Leader of the Party
- the Association's AGM

Party Conferences

Being a member of the South Herefordshire Conservatives allows you to attend Conservative Party national conferences twice a year and to have a say in the direction the Party is taking.

The Conservative Policy Forum

The Conservative Policy Forum (CPF) gives Members the chance to help shape Party policy. CPF groups meet locally to discuss the major policy challenges facing Britain. They then report back to Oliver Letwin, the CPF Chairman, on what their members think.

Exclusive Emails

You will receive exclusive 'members first' emails, bringing you the latest news and information about the Party.