Elissa Swinglehurst

Councillor for Llangarron Ward
I have been a Parish Councillor for Welsh Newton and Llanrothal for over eight years. During that time the Parish Council has taken a very active role in managing footpaths, taking on minor road repairs, considering planning, and working with the local authority to secure road and drainage works.

I secured funding for a Community Access Point, worked with the Parish Plan Steering Group, applied to reinstate lost rights of way and I am currently heading the Neighbourhood Plan Project.

I have had eight years experience of working with the officers of the county – particularly in the areas of planning, drainage and highways.

I have also fought a planning battle which resulted in one of the largest single enforcement actions ever taken by the county and I have recently arrived at a successful conclusion to a civil case regarding a flooding nuisance. I am not someone who moans into their beer about things that I believe are wrong or need changing – I do something about it and I get results.

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    Paul Rone

    Councillor for Red Hill Ward
    I live in Red Hill and have represented this area of Hereford for the last four years. It’s a bit of a special place, and therefore deserves to be heard in the decision making rooms of our town hall. I know every street, road, avenue and lane - and intend to meet the people who live, work and play there.